Box Compression Tester applies a vertical force to the box

To determine the amount of compressive force a corrugated box can bear, a Box Compression Tester is used. The test helps measure the strength and quality of the boxes by subjecting them to controlled compression forces. This test is crucial in evaluating the ability of the boxes to withstand the compressive forces they may experience during transportation and storage.


The Box Compression Tester calculates the relationship between compressive forces and deformation, providing valuable data on the box’s ability Box Compression Tester to resist crushing or collapsing under pressure. It is an essential quality assurance tool for manufacturers in the packaging industry.


The test involves placing the corrugated box in the Box Compression Tester and applying a controlled amount of compression pressure. The instrument evaluates the box’s performance and determines if it can withstand the rigorous demands of warehousing and transportation.


Pacorr offers a high-tech and top-quality Box Compression Tester designed to evaluate the strength and quality of corrugated boxes. The machine conforms to various international standards, ensuring accurate and reliable testing of packaging products.


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